We couldn’t choose just four

Ottawa winners of DOT's Impactathon pose with DOT Founder and CEO Janet Longmore at Shopify

Dear friends,

This year Digital Opportunity Trust held its first Ottawa, Canada-based Impactathon – an accelerator for youth aged 18 to 29 with daring ideas for community transformation.

Over five weeks, young social innovators in Ottawa built big ideas for local community change, and pitched for a chance to win a trip to DOT’s international youth summit in Kenya this October.

Our goal was to choose four of Ottawa’s top daring young social innovators to join us at the summit in Kenya – but their ideas were so compelling, so inspiring, and address such important issues that we couldn’t choose just four. They’re building solutions to challenges like barriers to education, sexual violence, efficient recycling, and more.  

So we’re sending all of them!  share on Twitter

I was thrilled to announce, at pitch day, that all seven young people who pitched will be joining us in Kenya in October!

This is where we need your help.

We’re fundraising for three additional young people from Ottawa we hadn’t planned on sending – help us get them there!

We need to raise $9000 by October 15th. share on Twitter

I know we can do this, and I hope you will help.

You can help by donating any amount to our campaign – even just $10 will help us get closer to our goal. 

You can also help by sharing in your networks: your friends and family can donate at https://ottawa-innovators.donate.dotrust.org/  share on Twitter

Thank you for your support! Please share widely.

Read more about the daring social innovators who pitched their ideas in Ottawa at https://ottawa-innovators.donate.dotrust.org/.

Best regards,
Janet Longmore
Founder and CEO
Digital Opportunity Trust

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