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Since 2009, DOT has been an IBM worldwide implementing partner for the IBM Corporate Service Corps (CSC) and Smarter Cities Challenge (SCC) programs. As an NGO partner to IBM, DOT works through its on-the-ground networks and local expertise to design effective community-based projects to support the deployment of IBM corporate volunteers.

The Corporate Service Corps was launched in 2008 to help provide IBMers with leadership development while delivering high quality problem solving expertise for communities and organizations in emerging markets. The program empowers IBM employees as global citizens by sending groups of eight to 15 individuals to an emerging market for four week community-based assignments. During the assignment, participants collaborate on community-driven economic development projects, working at the intersection of business, technology, and society.

CSC is a four week in-country experience that is complemented by an intensive three month pre-work period to familiarize the volunteers with the local culture and language of their destination country as well as the content and context of their assigned projects. The in-country experience is followed by a two month post-work period to conclude monitoring and evaluation and share results.

CSC Triple Benefit


IBM’s Corporate Service Corps offers a triple benefit:

  • Community impact in the form of solutions to problems of communities in emerging markets;
  • Leadership development and training for top talent IBMers;
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of emerging markets and enhanced IBM reputation globally.

The full value of the community impact that CSC teams deliver is exceptional - each participant provides significant IT, business, government and social sector consulting services.

CSC Worldwide Impact


Since its launch in 2008, the Corporate Service Corps has had a positive impact of the lives of more the 140,000 people through skills transfer and capacity building. Many thousands more have been positively impacted through the services of the organizations the Corporate Service Corps has supported. The CSC program has sent more than 3,000 talented IBMers in over 220 teams to more than 34 countries around the world. The program continues to expand to new locations each year.





Source: IBM

DOT and IBM Partnership at a Glance

Digital Opportunity Trust

DOT’s partnership with IBM as a CSC NGO implementation partner commenced in 2008 with Turkey as the first country of implementation.

Digital Opportunity Trust

Since 2008, the IBM-DOT partnership for CSC delivery has expanded to encompass 11 countries: Turkey, China, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, Angola, South Africa, Morocco, and Rwanda.

Digital Opportunity Trust

In partnering with IBM to facilitate the CSC program, DOT has mobilized hundreds of expert IBMers to work with local partners on initiatives that have a long-term impact in their communities.

Digital Opportunity Trust

DOT assists IBM in identifying assignments that address local socio-economic priorities that will maximize community engagement and the impact of the CSC program. DOT mobilizes its local knowledge of the target countries, the local communities and the decision-making dynamics.In doing so, DOT provides an important foundation on which the CSC program can leverage the skills and knowledge of IBM and its employees to design solutions in emerging markets.

"Working with Digital Opportunity Trust has been essential, because you’re on the ground. You really are part of the local community. You know where we should make a difference, where we should invest to get real value.”

- Robin Willner, former Vice President of Global Community Initiatives, IBM

DOT and IBM Partnership Global Map

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