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Our growing network of 6,000 youth have created opportunities for over one million people around the world, and our work with private sector partners has meant that thousands of community-based organizations have received the critical support they need to transform their communities.

Each social innovator, digital champion, and community leader creates a ripple effect of opportunities for themselves and others, leading to jobs, businesses, sustainable social and economic change, and transformed, resilient communities.

Our impact is transformational, lasting, and global. Here are some examples of the ways #DOTYouth and social innovators are creating opportunities and transforming communities.

Because of DOT’s PROGRAMS:

Youth are job creators

  • In Kenya, 1,461 young entrepreneurs have created 2,569 jobs
  • In Rwanda, 741 young entrepreneurs have created 2,255 jobs
  • 10,000 new businesses have been started in Ethiopia
  • In Tanzania, young entrepreneurs have started 800 new businesses
  • 886 female entrepreneurs have created 1,745 new jobs in Ethiopia

Youth are role models

  • 64% of young people in Kenya and Rwanda are more involved in their communities
  • Invested in their communities as facilitators and leaders, 53% of young people in Kenya and Rwanda are considered role models
  • In Tanzania, 61% of young people are more involved in their communities
  • In Uganda, 70% of young people now lead clubs, councils and associations in their communities

Youth have the right skills

  • In Uganda, 44% of community members increased their work readiness skills

Youth are creating resilient communities

  • 61% of community members in Kenya are better able weather economic shock

Youth are shifting gender perceptions

  • 83% of community members who work with DOT’s young leaders say they have improved perceptions of women as entrepreneurs and changemakers

Our community partners are succeeding

  • Partners have increased their digital and business management skills by 61%

Youth are investing in themselves, and inspiring others to do the same

  • 69% of young people have improved their savings
  • 26,200 community members in Ethiopia have started to save for their futures
  • 732 young women entrepreneurs in Kenya and Rwanda have secured funding for their businesses

Youth are employed

  • 71% of our young leaders in Uganda and 65% in Tanzania found employment
  • In Kenya and Rwanda, 6,793 young people have found jobs
  • In Tanzania, 53% of community members have found jobs

Digital skills are improving

  • In Uganda, communities have improved their digital skills by 72%
  • Local businesses in Kenya and Rwanda have improved their use of technology by 59% for accounting and by 55% advertising
  • 52% of young people have increased their use of tech to take online courses in Kenya and Rwanda
  • In Ethiopia, 93% of community members are using mobile phones for online banking
  • 67% of female community members use their mobile phones for banking

Youth are confidently navigating challenges

  • 59% of young people have built stronger networks in Kenya and Rwanda.
  • 77% of young people in Ethiopia have more confidence in themselves and abilities.
  • In Tanzania, 61% of young people are making decisions with better results.

Businesses are stronger

  • In Ethiopia, 11,000 young people have accessed business services to improve their businesses
  • Local businesses in Kenya and Rwanda have improved budget management by 92% and marketing by 86%
  • In Kenya and Rwanda, 53% of young entrepreneurs have expanded their businesses
  • 56% of young entrepreneurs in Ethiopia are implementing a business growth strategy after six months
  • In Ethiopia, 77% of young entrepreneurs are better able to solve business problems
  • Young entrepreneurs have increased their sales by 83% in Tanzania
  • 51% of female entrepreneurs have improved their sales and revenues in Ethiopia

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