My advice: solve community problems, create a profitable business

Advice from social entrepreneur Ahadi Katera, co-founder of Guavay

Ahadi Katera, co-founder of Guavay in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, shares his advice to entrepreneurs: solve problems in your community, and use these problems as opportunities to create a profitable business.


My name is Ahadi Katera, and I am the co-founder of Guavay Company Ltd.

Guavay is a social enterprise that is now looking at turning organic waste into organic fertilizer in Dar es Salaam city.

When we started this company, the first challenge that we saw was that there is a huge amount of waste being disposed poorly in the streets and more than 70% of all this waste is organic.

On a daily basis, you could see kids moving around among a lot of trash, and people walking in this trash – it stinks and all that.

What our solution is brining is turning all this waste into raw materials and converting it into organic fertilizer, which is a product that can be used by farmers in the agricultural sector.

So my advice to young, upcoming entrepreneurs is that we should really prioritize solving problems that are in the community and at the same time use these problems to create profitable businesses.

I think it’s the thing that can open Africa to businesses while at the same time solving the problems that we have in the continent.

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