Where We Work

Where We Work

DOT Kenya

DOT Kenya delivers ReachUp! and StartUp! programming as well as CSR Services for IBM.

DOT Jordan

DOT first launched ReachUp! in Jordan in 2002, and relaunched in 2016 to deliver youth-led social impact programming. 

DOT Ethiopia

DOT Ethiopia delivers ReachUp! and StartUp! programming as well as CSR Services for IBM.

DOT Lebanon

DOT Lebanon delivers ReachUp! programming and will launch the TeachUp! program in 2014.

DOT Rwanda

DOT Rwanda has delivered ReachUp! and StartUp! programming since 2010.

DOT Tanzania

DOT Tanzania delivers ReachUp! programming as well as CSR Services for IBM.


DOT Uganda

DOT Uganda has delivered ReachUp! programming since 2012.

DOT Mexico

DOT Mexico delivered the TeachUp! program in schools in Mexico from 2010 to 2016, and has been facilitating CSR Services for IBM since 2012.

DOT China

DOT implemented TeachUp! programming in Sichuan in 2008 as well as current CSR Services for IBM.

DOT in Turkey

DOT has delivered CSR Services in Turkey for IBM since 2009.

DOT in Egypt

DOT launched ReachUp! programming in Egypt in 2003, and has delivered CSR Services in Egypt for IBM.


DOT has established an office in London from which it manages partnership and investment opportunities and the introduction of DOT programming for the benefit of UK and European youth.

DOT in Morocco

DOT has delivered CSR Services in Morocco for IBM since 2014.

Digital Opportunity Trust is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and delivers economic, education and leadership programs around the world.

DOT adheres to a fundamental principle of local operation: in each location, DOT has established a local organization staffed by local professionals, recruiting and training local youth to deliver programs through DOT's youth-led model. Programming is delivered in partnership with local organizations and is guided by a business plan to achieve longer-term sustainability.

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