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DOT Rwanda's Faith Mbabazi sat down with the owner of Carl Pastries and winner of DOT Rwanda's National Business Plan Competition, Clarisse Murekatete. Clarisse shared how DOT's StartUp! program and joining the competition helped her achieve her vision at a very young age.

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The ripple effect of one #DOTyouth with a chicken

By Valence Musanga

Timothy is a young innovator set to compete at the National Business Competition. The national competition will be taking place on the 13th of this month in Nairobi, Kenya. Timothy runs the poultry hatchery social enterprise, Timfri.

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Paul is a DOT Uganda participant who believes that ReachUp! changed his life and put him on the road to changing the lives of other youth through his youth-led enterprise Tinkasoft International.

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Youth teaching youth in a digital world

By Mibei Richard.

DOT Kenya participant Nick recently won an award at the DOT Kenya Business Competition. His project aimed at supporting students, and giving youth a livelihood with online tools is expanding rapidly.

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Ripple effect of DOT: Bikyalech's story

By Temesgen Eyasu

Nothing made me, a DOT young leader, more proud than partnering with a former participant who is now changing lives in her community.

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This young innovator found the recipe for success

By Celestine Chepchumba

Justan Kimani is earning a living from healthy whole wheat bread. After completing DOT's ReachUp! program, he had the skills and knowledge to start a business. His passion for baking and healthy, local products was a recipe for success.

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A young visionary, passionate about empowering women

By Henriette Aimee Mutangampundu

Magnifique has no doubt about her abilities or her power to change her community. She is always ready and eager to tap into technology and use it to voice her ideas and concerns. She is the co-founder of Isimbi Girls in the Future, an organization that works to empower young women.

OfflinePhoto of Germaine Kayisire

Xavior started out with just one goal - finish his university research project. Soon the problems and innovative solutions he was working through became a business idea. He is determined to start a social enterprise that helps the community he loves, grow organic produce and protect their soil.

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OfflinePhoto of Sharon Nyangweso

DOT Talk: September

By Sharon Nyangweso

Check out DOT’s activity in our monthly social media round-up!

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