Digital Opportunity Trust

Harnessing the power of youth, DOT transforms young people into leaders of change in their communities.

Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) is a leading international social enterprise headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with local operations around the globe. 

Harnessing the power of youth, DOT transforms young people (DOT Interns) into leaders of change as they facilitate technology, business, and entrepreneurial learning experiences to people in their own communities.

DOT's unique youth-led programs empower people living in communities that are developing, in transition, or under stress with the confidence to use technology for entrepreneurial, community, educational, and personal development. 

Launched in 2002, DOT has mobilized the talent and energy of over 4,500 Interns worldwide - a powerful force for change. The impact of DOT's programs has reached over 800,000 people in communities and schools around the world, helping them to develop both an entrepreneurial spirit and technology and business skills that will last a lifetime.

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DOT Mission

"To create global networks of talented, energetic young leaders who make real change by educating local communities to apply technology effectively to real life."

DOT Vision

"To eradicate poverty, vulnerability and gender inequality by giving all people the skills and knowledge to use technology to achieve educational, social and economic opportunities."

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