10 Years

Janet Longmore, President & CEO of Digital Opportunity Trust

jlongmore.jpgI would like to welcome everyone to DOT's 10th Anniversary celebration. In ten years our vision -- that young people equipped with technology and 21st century workforce skills can be a force for change in their communities -- has become a reality. We are leading a powerful transformation of young women and men as they become positive role models in the context of their societies, contributing to income generation and education improvement.

The DOT model has created thousands of young leaders of change - young people with the passion, skills and self-confidence to train and motivate their peers and community members to capitalize on the economic and education opportunities around them and to realize the potential and benefits of new technology infrastructures. Young DOT leaders are supporting innovation through technology in their schools, are helping their peers find jobs and create small businesses and social enterprises, and are contributing to safer communities through increased community involvement. DOT participants are increasing their use of technology, creating their own digital communities and increasing their self-esteem and self-reliance as they shift their attitudes in the adoption of productive behaviours.

This past ten years of impact has only been possible through the support and shared vision of our international partners. We thank you for your trust.  We also thank the hundreds of local organizations and schools who host our young leaders in their communities.  And, I especially tip my hat to my colleagues in our network in Canada, the USA, Africa, the Middle East, China and Mexico. DOT is no more and no less than the passion, dedication, good spirit and hard work of this team. Thank you. 

Come back often to follow the stories that are being contributed to the DOT website from around the world. But most importantly, join us in the next ten years.

Congratulations to DOT from the Governor General of Canada

Congratulations to DOT from the Governor General of Canada

cisco.png"Cisco is proud to have supported Digital Opportunity Trust's efforts in multiple geographies around the world, as their ReachUp! and TeachUp! programs apply technology expertise to training and supporting teachers, students and community members for improved educational and economic outcomes."   

- Tae Yoo, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Cisco

mastercard logo.jpg"We are so proud of our relationship with DOT, because DOT has really advanced our whole Youth Learning Strategy. That strategy enables young people -- particularly people who come from very disadvantaged backgrounds in developing countries, especially in Africa -- to be able to access not just formal education but informal education. These are skills which will accompany them for the rest of their lives so that they can become productive citizens in the country where they are. We are extraordinally privileged to be a part of the DOT family."

- Reeta Roy, President & CEO, The MasterCard Foundation

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